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About Gyanplanet

GyanPlanet.com is venture of Delhi based Raceme Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , which is an IT Training & Service Provider. Raceme Infotech has networked with US based American Infotech Solution Inc. to provide focused training through direct & virtual training programs.

You are encouraged to read "What Technology Wants " to understand why Raceme Infotech networked to foster specialization by skill enhancement.

On page 294 of his book writer says that "as we look into the future, specialization will continue to increase. Current transitory phase where convergence reigns would be eventually over.

Current convergence phase: "At the moment computers seem to be headed in the opposite direction. They seem to becoming ever more general purpose machines, as they swallow more and more functions. [...] This convergence is amplified by cloud computing, where the actual work is done on the net as a whole, and the tool at hand merely becomes a portal to the work."

Final specialization Phase: "This convergence is temporary. We are still in the early stages of computerization - or rather intelligenation. [...] Silly as it now sounds, we will put artificial intelligence into hammers, dental picks, forklifts, stethoscopes, and frying pans. All these tools will gain new powers by sharing the universal intelligence of the network. But as their newly augmented roles become clear, the tools will specialize. We can see the first glimmers in the iPhone, Kindle, Wii, and netbooks."

Book's conclusion that "Technology is born in generality and grows to specificity. Technology wants specialization" is guiding motto for GyanPlanet.Com